Chongqing Vocational College of Public Transportation is a full-time institution of higher learning approved by the State Ministry of Education, the only college in Chongqing specializing in urban rail transport and railway transportation. It is founded by the state-owned Transportation Group---Chongqing City Transportation Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd. Sticking to the purpose of talent cultivation, academic researches, technological innovation and social contribution, the college follows the motto of “diligence, dedication, with higher aspirations and agreeableness”, upholds the spirits of advocating science, laboring on technology, pursuing the truth and leading civilization, and aims at cultivating highly skilled technical personnel for the national transportation (Rail) industry.

Centering on the needs of highly skilled technical personnel for transportation (Rail) industry, our college establishes 6 departments, Department of Rail Vehicles & Machinery, Department of Rail Electric Equipment, Department of Transportation and Trade, Department of Automobile Engineering, Department of Humanities & Arts, Department of Railway & Construction Engineering, including 26 majors. Among those majors, Urban Rail Transit Vehicle, Operation Management of Railway, Railway Power Supply Technology, Railway Signal Automatic Control are the unique majors in Chongqing vocational colleges. There are over 50 practical institutions including the advanced urban rail practical training center on the campus and 70 practical training bases outside the school.