Liu Dongyan
Liu Dongyan–President of Chongqing Vocational College of Public Transportation(CVCPT)
Liu Dongyan, president of CVCPT, Doctor of Engineering, second-grade professor, doctoral supervisor and state-registered civil engineer. Former posts such as academic director, assistant to the president, and deputy school-level cadre at Chongqing University; member of the Party standing committee and vice president of Shihezi University in the Xinjiang Support Educational Undertaking; also secretary of the Party Committee at Chongqing University of Science and Technology, and more. Moreover, former successive concurrent positions like vice chairman of Regular Higher Education Special Committee under China Association of Construction Education, member of Higher Education Civil Engineering Professional Evaluation Committee under the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, member of National Registered Engineer Basic Examination Panel, Editorial Committee vice chairman (editor in chief) for Chinese core journal Architectural Education in Institutions of Higher Learning, and vice chairman of Civil Engineering&Architectural Society of Chongqing. Long term dedicated to Party building, educational teaching and management at colleges and universities, sci-research and engineering practice across civil engineering, and tutorship in training of 100 or so doctoral and master degree students. Furthermore, 20-plus published teaching and research papers, plus 3 edited university textbooks, with 1 second prize for the State Teaching Achievement; in charge of 20+ vertical and horizontal sci-research projects at provincial and national levels, with 150-strong sci-research papers published, 2 third prizes for the Provincial, Ministerial Level Sci-tech Progress, and 1 sci-research collection as chief-editor.