Yu Zhuang Wen


Professor of Uygur Man University Diploma
In more than 50 years of teaching career, taught the University of general physics, electrical engineering, analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology, power electronics technology, instrumentation, sensors and other courses. September 1985 - June 1986 In the Chongqing TV station audio-visual program for the Department of mathematics students taught "general physics" class.
In scientific research, in 1974 - 1975 - completed in Sichuan Province teaching equipment company issued by the air cushion guide and digital timer task, the project was in April 1978 the National Science Conference Award. (Independent development of digital timer); 1993 - - 1994 for the Dalian Yuhua Optoelectronic Technology Company developed humidity control instrument, through the Shenyang National Bureau of measurement test identification, the content published in 2000 No. 3 "aerospace Test technology "; in the domestic core journals published more than 10 articles. Editor of a textbook, edited two books.
From the eighties to 2008 has served as executive director of China Higher Education Society.