jiang Huang
        Huang Jiang, male, member of the Communist Party of China, Professor, Chongqing higher vocational education teaching teacher, Chongqing math society director, Chongqing higher vocational college mathematics committee member, member of Chongqing calligraphy association, national college students digital competition race division Group members, double teacher. Has served as Dean of Academic Affairs, Department of the head, party secretary and other work. (Including CSSCI, EI and other core journals 11); the main research research project 5 (of which two municipalities), "the quality of education," the number of teaching materials, Construction of resource sharing quality courses 2 (including city level 1). Won the "first prize of teaching achievement", "first prize of calligraphy and painting art", "advanced education workers", "outstanding party members", "excellent middle management cadres" and other honorary titles. He is currently the director of the Department of Humanities and Arts of Chongqing Public Transport Vocational College and the secretary of the Party branch of higher vocational education.