Yun Xia
Xia Yun, female, college part-time professor, born in June 1954, Southwest University of Political Science and Law graduate graduate, senior political engineer, the national two psychological counselor, the original deputy general manager of Chongqing Bonded Port, deputy party secretary, Foreign Economic and Trade Group Corporation independent director.
        Has been in charge of Chongqing Customs 23 years, have served as Director of Customs and Excise Department of Personnel Education, freight control director, Commissioner of Customs and Excise Department, director of the trial duties, a comprehensive familiar with the customs import and export cargo customs clearance laws and regulations, the China Customs special regulatory regional management Running a more systematic understanding, has written a number of business work papers and award-winning, long-term part-time as a national customs professional qualification exam teachers more than 15 years.
       In 2000, he participated in the work of the "rapid customs clearance" reform project group of the General Administration of Customs, and served as a member of the expert group of Zhengzhou, Qinzhou, Zhoushan, Guigang and other governments to declare the special supervision area of ​​the Customs and the planning program. The introduction of industry experts to demonstrate the project; lead and presided over the completion of the Chongqing City in 2010 scientific and technological plan - "Chongqing Bonded Port Area of ​​modern logistics system integration platform key technology research and application demonstration" major projects; participate in the main research of Chongqing City Social Sciences key project - "Research on the Development Model of Chongqing Bonded Port Area Based on Service Supply Chain" won the second prize of the development of the Ministry of Commerce (2012); Participated in the research and development of the Social Science Planning Project of the Ministry of Education, Chongqing University of Commerce and Industry - "Supply Chain Finance for Bonded Port Collaborative mechanism research ".