Rail transit training center
 Rail transit training center, under the six professional training room, including urban rail transit operation control simulation training room, urban rail transit vehicle driving simulation training room, rail transit vehicle electrical control training room, urban rail transit vehicle maintenance Training room, rail traffic vehicle brake training room, rail traffic signal training room.
    The center is the college and Chongqing Rail Transit Group, Southwest Jiaotong University, Changsha, Hunan rapid track company to develop intelligent high simulation training system. For the rail transit electric bus driver, vehicle repair workers, vehicle assembly workers, signal maintenance workers, station attendants, traffic dispatchers, station operators and security inspectors and other positions, the track students to operate the vehicle group, , Vehicle scheduling, control, fault diagnosis, testing, maintenance, maintenance and other training content. At the same time assume the National Vocational College Skills Competition Vocational College "Hunan high-speed rail Cup" urban rail transit operation and maintenance of the Chongqing Division Division trials; track vehicle repair workers, vehicle assembly workers, mechanical and electrical maintenance workers and other skills identification. At present, the training center in the western region of similar professional in the leading level. Chongqing Rail Group, Railway Group, Shanghai Metro Group, Taiwan high-speed rail and other experts have