Our institute of iron construction teachers to pay a bureau of nine permanent high speed a standard site study tour
       7 pm afternoon, our hospital iron construction department He Anrong director, professional director Wu Shanshan, Hu Lijuan teacher and his party to pay a bureau Jiuyong high speed a standard site study tour, by the project chief engineer Zhu Yue ball senior engineer, quality engineer Deng Wei Warm reception. Zhu first introduced the project profile - Jiuyong high-speed connecting urban functional core area, urban function development area and urban development area, a total length of about 49.12 km, a total investment of 5.353 billion yuan. Jiuyong high-speed completion of traffic, Huayan tunnel to Yongchuan pass capacity will reach 70,000 times / day, in the beam mountain traffic will drop to 53,000 times / day, will greatly ease the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed in the Liangshan section of the passage Pressure, and can drive along the Jiulongpo Langma District, Jiangjin Shuangfu New Area, Bishan South Area, Yongchuan City southeast of regional economic development.
        Subsequently, He Zhuren introduced the situation of the college, and teacher practice, student internship, employment, school-enterprise cooperation and other matters with Zhu total exchanges. Zhu also led his party and his party to study the double Fu interchange, high slope sections and Jinyun Mountain tunnel, and details of the project's key and difficult to answer the teacher Wu, Hu teacher's related issues.
       In the internship with the internship students, asked the students that during the school itself should be able to cultivate what kind of ability, the students have to answer is self-learning ability and practical ability, Zhu always agreed and hope that students in the post Have to eat hard, can struggle spirit, but also efforts to improve the measurement skills and safety responsibility. Finally, He Zhu Zhu invited the next semester to our hospital to order class students pass to send treasure, Zhu always pleased to accept.