The College Organized Practical Learning in Railway Company for Foreign Students from Thailand Railway Transportation Demonstration Class
         On 8th May, 2018 in order to consolidate the theoretical learning, and to experience the real situation in railway company, the Office of Thailand Railway Transportation Demonstration Class Programme has organized 28 students to do practical learning in Chongqing West Locomotive Depot. The instructor Mr.Jiang Jing who is responsible for Railway System  course and Mr. Shu Jingbin, the responsible officer of Thailand Railway Transportation Demonstration Class Programme brought students to railway company together.
         This practical learning is supported greatly by leaders and internship instructors from Chongqing West Locomotive Depot. The internship instructors has made a detailed explanation and presentation, taught the students the principle of coupler and showed the steps of assembling coupler. What’s more, they also taught the students the procedure of connecting brake ducts, operation of adjusting brake-shoe,which has consolidated the theoretical learning and improved the students’ ability of practice. The instructor Mr. Jiang Jing has taught the knowledge of track lines and railway equipment around the track lines in real situation, which is good for students to recognize and understand equipment of railway system well and enhanced the students the safety awareness.
         This practical learning has an important meaning, which not only offers a good chance to connect theory with practice but also collects precious experience about major courses teaching for foreign students

(a foreign student is assembling the coupler.)

(a foreign student is connecting the brake duct)

(a foreign is adjusting brake-shoe)

(Practical Learning in Chongqing West Locomotive Depot)