Chinese and Thai students of Chongqing Vocational College of Public Transportation won the championship!

    On July 26th, “China-ASEAN Education Communication Week First Student Skills Competition” was held in Guiyang. After five hours of intense competition, Wang Shihua, who is from class 1601 of Urban Rail Transit Electromechanical Technology, Komen Wongchachom and Preechawat Boonchai, who are both from “Thai High-speed Railway Technology Training Course”, participated in the competition, and finally won the first prize.

      A total of 11 teams from 10 colleges and universities participated in the competition, and all the teams are composed of Chinese students and foreign students, students of Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries along the route of "Belt and Road", also participate in it.

      The competition was held in a highly simulated industrial environment and used fully real industrial equipment, including the installation and debugging of the automatic production line. It was aimed at examining students’ engineering practical ability of automatic line system, such as installation, wiring, programming, debugging, operation and system optimization, as well as the awareness of energy conservation, environmental protection and professional comprehensive literacy.

       Our team completely developed their ability in the competition. Especially during the cooperation of Chinese and Thai students, they have overcome the barriers of language, challenged the limits of time and energy, and demonstrated a good mental attitude and brilliant technology accomplishment. The winning not only shows the abundant teaching and training strength of our college for training the modern traffic technical personnel, but also reflects the prefect thinking and methods and the comprehensive teaching level for the cultivating foreign students.