Chongqing Vocational College held the inauguration of “2019 Thai High-speed Railway Technology Training Course”
     In order to implement the Ministry of Education efforts to jointly build the Belt and Road educational action, cultivate railway transport talents, especially the high-speed rail technical and skilled talents, promote China-Thailand Railway construction, strengthen people-to-people ties for the the countries along the Belt and Road, step up implementation of the "going out" strategy of high-speed rail,EMU and other high quality production and technology, and create the characteristic brand of "studying in Chongqing" in the field of transportation, On the morning of March 13th  , the college held the inauguration of “2019 Thai High-speed Railway Technology Training Course”.

    This is the second "Thailand High-speed Railway Technology Training Course" held by the college after the signing of the cooperation agreement with the relevant colleges of Thailand and the successful implementation of the "Thailand High-speed Railway Technology Training Course in 2018.

   There are 43 students in this training course, 30 of whom are from Suratthani Technical College of Thailand, and the remaining 13 are from Chonburi Technical College of Thailand. After one year's training of railway transportation and related specialties here, the college will issue the course-completion certificate for the students who complete the course and pass the examination.